Hello Lovelies! Long time no speak!
Before I start this post I would just like to say sorry for my absence over the past month, the routine of getting back into school and life after Christmas unfortunately took up most of my time. However, now that I'm back and more motivated than ever, I am going to make at least a few hours a week to my blog as I've missed it so much! So here's to new beginnings and lots of new content coming your way very soon, but for now, enjoy!

After scrolling through twitter whilst the new year was commencing, I noticed a little trend going around in the blogging community, of people posting pictures of how much their blogging photography has improved throughout the past year and now officially slays!! So, I decided to do the same and the response I received was amazing! I also got a lot of requests to do a post on how I pretty much do my blogging photography in general, and so here it is! All my tips and tricks on taking and editing my blog photos. Enjoy!

So to start with, the equipment I use. I am extremely fortunate enough to have a camera, however some of the best photos can be taken using phones or other devices etc, as I feel you can really make a picture better through the editing stages anyway. I have the Canon DSLR 1200D, which is honestly perfect for me! It is the first camera I ever bought, and is perfect for beginners! Would highly recommend.

Next, lighting. Throughout my time blogging I have always used natural lighting, as its just the easiest way, and again if the pictures don't come out great I can always brighten them after when editing them. However, using natural lighting of course does come at a price. Sometimes it can be seriously frustrating when you set up to take some pictures and suddenly its starting to get dark and nothing goes to plan. Trust me, I know the feeling. But then other days you can get some of the best pictures just by taking the picture near a window. It really does just depend! Although, now that I've been doing blogging a while and have no real desire to stop anytime soon, I am considering buying myself a softbox, just so that my posts become more regular and I can start uploading more, due to me being able to take pictures whenever!

The editing. Editing is a massive part of my photos in my opinion. As mentioned before, because I use natural lighting you can never determine what the weathers going to be like that day, so editing has completely saved me with that! I have tried so many different editing apps, and honestly, there was none I could get to grips with! When I started editing my photos I knew I wanted an app of some sort that I could edit on from my laptop too, as that's just the easiest way for me. However again, none really stuck out to me, and were quite complicated for a beginner like me. So, I decided to try out the basic editing tools on a PC laptop, and oh my god  I was so impressed! Don't get me wrong, they don't have first class filters and is by no means I'm sure the best editing software out there, however it is perfect for me and does everything I've ever wanted in my editing, and is so easy to use! Honestly, if you have a PC device and are looking to edit your pictures, have a little play around with it and you'll be extremely surprised! I couldn't recommend it enough!

As you can see from the pictures above, these are the before and after shots of some blog photos, and the major difference editing can make! To be honest, editing my photos is definitely one of my favourite parts of blogging, as I really enjoy being creative with the pictures I produce, and editing is fun to play around with!

And those are pretty much all of my tips and tricks with regards to editing my photos! I am by far no professional and definitely not experienced enough to give advice, but this is just the way I like to edit my photos and I have to say I am proud of the improvement I've made in the past year!
Thanks so much for taking the time to read, and I'll see you very soon.

simplyshann x

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